… That I shall miss you When you have grown

I love this little boy so much that sometimes I fear that my heart cannot bear such brutality. I try to remember this on days like today, when he has a cold and he is cranky, bossy, rude and demanding, when I’m snappy and short and impatient. But when he is in bed, asleep and I have calmed down his nerves and mine, and I look through our pictures from  my camera and I just want to sit and cry at how quickly all this is passing.

Today, I looked up as he followed J down the stairs and he looked like a kid, not my baby, not a toddler- a kid. In his navy shorts and  a bandaid on his finger and scrapes on his knee, there he was – a little boy. And with every fibre of my body, I willed time to pause.

He got down the stairs and called out “Mommy” in his sweet 2 year old voice and just like that he was my baby again. At least for today.

The title is from the last two lines of W.B Yeats A Cradle Song

A Cradle Song

The angels are stooping
Above your bed;
They weary of trooping
With the whimpering dead.
God’s laughing in Heaven
To see you so good;
The Sailing Seven
Are gay with His mood.
I sigh that kiss you,
For I must own
That I shall miss you
When you have grown

———-William Butler Yeats

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Snippets #2 { 10.11.2011} Week in my Life – Monday

So that was a long title….yeah. Anyway, I waffled back and forth about participating in Adventuroo’s Week in Life project – it seemed like a big commitment and if I was going to do it, I wanted to do all 7 days or none at all.

In the end I decided it would be fun to participate but I’m going to do some things differently- I didn’t take any photos yesterday and I planned on this post this week anyway capturing some of the things Bun and I are into right now. So I’ll probably do some traditional posts for tuesday and thursday and maybe the rest of the day will be snippets like this or not…I’m not quite sure yet. But I’m committed to blogging the next 7 days in a row. Thats going to be a record

These Snippets are for the past 2 weeks


*photo by Google Product Search

Reading-   A Life of Spice. I’ve really slacked off on reading this month because I’ve found my mojo on the interwebz lately. So I’ve been reading a lot of blog, and some photoshop tutes

*photo from AMC*

Watching: Breaking Bad is rocking my world right now! I can’t believe I almost gave up on that show. We have the season finale DVRed, but haven’t watch it yet. I <3 Jesse so much!

Listening: 90s throwback. J and I recently watched the top 100 songs of the 2000s on VH1 while we were super wined up on a saturday night and it has brought back all these memories. So I’ve been playing some late 90s early 00s pop classics like “Since You’ve been gone” and “Mr. Brightside” and “Hey Ya” and dancing around with the kiddo

Wearing: Its fall! My favorite pair of jeans are out and I even rocked some black leggings last week.

*photo from Solo Lisa*

Wanting: These Rainboots  and a return of normal naptime for the Bun


*photo from Amazon*

Reading: Hooray for Fish. Bun really liked some of the books in the Maisy series so I checked this one out from the library since it was by the same authors. Oh, its been such a big hit that I think we might have to buy it. Its colorful and adorable and the words are so easy to say that he has most of it memorized

Watching: Have you heard of the Wonder Pets? They help baby animals and save the day. The show is cute but the entire song is sung and the theme song will forever be stuck in your head. Highly Highly annoying. It has taken over our lives-  Bun loves it though and asks for it constantly and even sings the theme song in the car.

Wearing: I’ve pulled out most of Bun’s fall clothes but I’m still trying to squeeze in some summer outfits for the warm afternoons, since I know it will be the last time he’ll ever wear them.

Playing: Closing doors is the most fun game in our house right now. He goes into rooms and shuts the door and then giggles and giggles. That and cars.



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How Gyo Fujikawa saved me from the terrible two blues

Last night I spend hours editing a big ole batch of photos. I was super excited to post them on my blog this afternoon and do an update on my happy life. But I just can’t do it this afternoon, because I feel anything but happy and putting up photos of me smiling at my kid just feels dishonest.

Toddlers can be demanding, cruel and rather unpleasant creatures and also the sweetest, funniest and loving ones in the very next instant. Why didn’t someone tell me this before I decided having a kid was a good idea. I guess I should have continued reading past the newborn section in the 8 million parenting books that I browsed back in the baby fever days.

But now that the Bun is finally napping I need something to take my mind off of my troubles so I’m going to write about my new find in children’s author/illustrator that I recently discovered. And so when Barnes and Noble sent me a coupon this month I decided to splurge on a new book for Bun. I was originally looking for “O What a Busy Day” but my local store didn’t have that one so I chose to get the A to Z picture book instead

*photo via Sycamore Street Press*

*photo via Vintage Kids’ Books my Kid loves*

And I’m absolutely  in love with her simple bright colorful illustrations. They have a vintage, timeless feel to them without crossing over into the cheesy territory. Even the black and white illustrations have so much character and pop. I looked her up on wikipedia and she was one of the first illustrators in the US who published books with multi racial characters, which is something really rare in vintage books. I’m so happy with our new find, I can’t wait to explore more of her books.

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I recently read two 19th Century mystery novels. They weren’t particularly good but it was okay for a quick read on the treadmill. However it got me thinking about my preferences in mysteries. I used to think that I like reading mysteries until I realized recently that I really dont’ like contemporary thrillers and mysteries very much at all. I hardly ever read those. I love reading mysteries that are set in a different time. I  divide my mystery preferences into two groups.

A. Vintage Mysteries- This is really categorized by Agatha Christie for me, I just don’t know other writers who were writing in that time period. I love the British setting and the dialogue and reading about little details like teashops, housemaids, getting news through the radio, butchers who deliver parcels. I have re read all her mysteries so often that I already know the killer and the plot but I love the old fashioned details. Whats great is A&E has made all the books into movies and some wonderful person has put up the Poirot series on YouTube. Now I’m hooked , it wonderful to see the cool 1940s fashions , cars, and other details. I guess thats why I like the young adult mysteries of Enid Blyton too, I might have outgrown the plots but I love the details and the language.

B. Historical Mysteries- These are written in contemporary times but the plot and the characters are set in the past. I have just recently started reading this genre and its not as good as Christie but they are still fun. I guess the problem is that in spite of the details the language seems very modern. But I did like the two recent ones I read because it did have little details about life in post civil war Boston. It has motivated me to learn more about the Gilded Age, so I suppose thats good.

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Lucky Find

When I was a little girl one of my favorite authors was Enid Blyton. Blyton was a children’s book writer and she wrote wonderful stories that filled me with a longing of adventure, fantasy, whimsy and just plain fun. She wrote several series books and also some individual ones. When I moved to the U.S I was sad to see that her books weren’t available here at all. I guess she had never made the transatlantic journey and most American kids , unlike European and Asian kids , have no idea who she is.  Therefore I could never buy her books on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, but today I found a small web retailer that sells most of her books. I have a few of her books from childhood that I brought with me to the U.S but I am now excited to add more.

Blyton wrote for different genres, for the older kids there are her mystery books which have different groups of friends investigating mysteries. Since she wrote in the 1920s and 30s and 40s her books have old fashioned and vintage details. My favorites are the following series:


 Famous Five: This is a series of 4 cousins and one of their dog who solve a variety of exciting childhood mysteries, like finding lost treasure and stopping crimminals. The also have internal squabbles because they often don’t get along. This is one of her most popular series and there was a T.V show on this as well.


Secret Seven: This is a series that has seven neighborhood kids who have a club house which meets every week. Other than solving neighborhood mysteries they have secret codes for the club house and bullies and pesky younger siblings who want to join. These mysteries were less complicated but I loved reading about their private clubhouse and how they would have secret meetings with yummy food and play pranks on each other.


The Five Find Outters: This series is about 2 pairs of siblings and their friend who solve mysteries in the countryside. They also have a local constable who is goofball hates the findoutters  for solving crimes before him. These have a more comic tone than the other two.

The Barney Mysteries: These were usually more adventurous and the kids were older(teens) and they would go on vacation and find mysteries to solve.


Mallory Towers: These follow the story of Darrell and Sally and their years in boarding school, from first form till they graduate. The stories are about friendships, adventures, playing pranks on teachers etc. These girls are fun and spunky and intelligent and the heroines aren’t typical girly girls but they all have lessons to learn.I actually own the set.  I love this series and the St. Clair series even more now after having experienced boarding school.


St. Claires: This series is similar to Mallory towers and follows two twins and their years at boarding school. The twins and some these characters are more naughty and this is a more fun series. In these, they often plan elaborate midnight feasts which are against the rules and worry about swimming and tennis competitions.


The Faraway Tree: This is Blytons series that are more fanciful and magical. This is one of my favorite books from my childhood. It is the story of 3 poor(ish) kids who move to a cottage by the edge of a forest and find out it is a magical forest with a magic tree in the middle. They have all sorts of adventures with the magic folk like pixies and brownies and goblins when they climb to the top of the tree and find that there is a different magical world, like the land of giants, or the land of upside down and it changes every week.

She also wrote a lot of books in the same vein as the Faraway tree with magical creatures and friendly toys like her O’Clock Series, Family Series, Mr. Twiddle, Mr. Meddle, The Naughtiest Girl, Circus Stories, Noddy and many more.

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Good Books

Lately, when it is slow at work, instead of focussing on wedding stuff, I’ve been addicted to GoodReads. Good Reads is an online community like Flickr for people to share what they are reading with their friends. On the site you can keep track of what you are reading, when you finished it and how you would rate/review the book. Its addictive, and I love having a chance to go back and think about my favorite books and why I love them.  Feel free to check it out and add me as a friend!

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Mid Week Non Musings

Nothing is really going through my head other than the fact that I am broke! So , I decided to just jot down what I’m making for dinner today

Blackened Tilapia: Following directions from spice pack with
Southwestern Salad: Combine, 1 can black beans, 1 can corn, 1 red bell pepper, 1/4- 1/2 red onion, 1-2 jalapeno peppers with olive oil/vegetable oil, cumin, salt, garlic powder, black pepper and garnish with fresh cilantro

Easy and Healthy! I need to go on a crash diet. There is talk of a day trip to the beach this weekend, must lose water weight by then…….grrrrr……..

Must finish Time Travellers Wife by tonight as well, since I have my first book club meeting tomorrow. I am pretty stoked about that! I am freeing my mind from all expectations, so I can go in with an open mind and really enjoy myself.

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Back to reality

New Acquisitions : Durham County Library card. Its bronze and actually looks pretty hip for a library card. Its just too bad that my local branch is really small and lacking in good collections. Other than my mysteries and fluff requirements, I will have to depend on Duke Libraries.

One of the coolest things I did after I got my library card and checked out books was to go to this cool cafe, I ‘ve been meaning to check out forever and read while eating lunch. Oh it felt so good. Sometimes I think, I could get used to being a lady of leisure, but maybe if i had to do it indefinitely, it would drive me and everyone around me absolutely insane.

Watched Little Black Book in the afternoon. Better than I thought, not exactly a romantic comedy , so i don’t know, why they marketed it like that. I think it would have done much better if they had marketed it as more of a dark coming of age story. Brittany Murphy is awesome. She looks like an air head barbie…but she is actually funny in a “laugh with her” way , instead of “laugh at her” way.

Spent the rest of the day hanging out and later drank some guiness with J, later at night.

All in all…great Sick day

1 bowl honey bunches of oats
1 cup green tea
1 falafel sandwich
1 small bag chips
2 thin mints
2 lemon drops
1 yoghurt
1 turkey sandwich
1 bowl chicken noodle soup
2 glasses of wine
1 and 1/2 beer
1 cream soda

God…I eat a lot!!!!

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Family Christmas

Two new acquisitions for the week

Julia Alavarez – Something to Declare

Ann Patchett – The Patron Saint of Liars

ANTM Update: I can’t believe they eliminated Norelle. The girl left a lot to be desired in the brains department, but I thought she photgraphed well and was genuinely nice and naive unlike Miss Eva and the rest. Can’t wait for next week.

Early Christmas in Richmond

Additional Christmas present- Leather Jacket….purr!

On a quest to be a waitress. Idea spurned by J, back to being broke.

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