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What better way to kick of the new year and blogging by a good old fashioned list. I saw this list over here on It starts With Coffee and then on googling a bit more found the “Day Zero Project” a community of people setting goals. We all could use a little support and accountability for reaching our dreams so it got me thinking, why not put out my intentions and wishes for the next few years. I like that this format allows for some quick wins and some that require more thought and planning. I don’t know about you but I get discouraged if I don’t see at least a little bit of results.

Here they are in no particular order my list from Jan 2018 – Dec 2020


1. Master three basic dinner meals – Chicken Tinga for tacos, Fish Curry, Spaghetti Carbonara

2. Learn to cook one  three course difficult meal – fancy app, fancy entree, fancy dessert

3. Use a grill – either indoor or outdoor

4. Learn to make 5 kinds of Dal – Mooshurir dal, (bengali style), Dal fry, Ma ki Dal, Moroccan Style Lentil soup, Channa or Rajma Masala

5.  Make Yogurt at home in the Instant Pot

6. Buy a House

7. Buy a new car

8. Buy a DSLR camera

9. Get the Iphone X

10. Buy good quality  matching luggage

11. Join a dance class

12. Read two books a month

13. Attempt Hot Yoga

14. Get the Global entry for US

15. Do a couch to 5k

16. Master one make up/hair trick – perfect cat eye

17. Learn to use a curling iron properly

18. Update my music playlists instead of constantly skipping old songs that I no longer listen to

19. Find 6 new podcasts each year

20. See a broadway musical

21. Have one no spend day a month

22. Do 30 meatless mondays a year (roughtly 2x a month )

23. Organize all of Adude’s baby clothes and baby gear

24. Declutter and sell everything in this house that I haven’t used in 6 months

25. Invest in a travel crossbody satchel

26.  Self Host my blog

27. Learn how to better use photoshop

28. Meet other bloggers locally

29. Attend a  Social Media Conference

30. Brand and streamline my social media properly with the blog

31. Modify one portion of my blog by editing actual code

32. Participate in a Week/Day in a life series

33. Blog consistently, 3x a week

34. Find a blog mentor

35. Join and participate actively in Blog groups on social media and support my fellow bloggers

36. Contribute a guest post on a blog

37. Pitch an article

38. Have dinner with my parents once a week

39. Plan a trip with my mom

40. Have one girls night a month

41. Go on a girls trip once a year

42. Have A dude meet his family in India

43. Go on a hike in the Himalayas with my dad.

44. Throw a fancy dinner party for friends

45. Take a life skill class – cooking, baking, calligraphy, knitting

46. Plan and take TheP out on a date

47. Have a grown up only getaway with TheP

48. Have a family reunion somewhere exotic

49. Visit all my cousins in one year ( USA, India, Australia, Singapore, Canada)

50. Have a curry or chili night for friends

51. Start a new TV series with the Partner (TheP)

52. Eat at Bida Manda and Brewery Bhavna

53. Try spin class

54. See an NFL Panthers game at Charlotte

55. Attend a grown up event at the Museum of Life and Science

56. Spend the day at NCMA

57. Try every new restaurant in Durham

58. Complete Matador networks Things to do in Raleigh/Durham

59. Take a day trip to a State Park

60. Spend a day in Hillsborough

61. Visit The Raleigh Farmers market

62. Have a staycation at the The Durham Hotel.

63. Take Adude to Yellowstone

64. Stay in all the original lodges in the National Parks – Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Shenandoah

65. Go to Paris

66.Travel to UT to see my friends and for a ski trip

67. Go to a Nordic country

68. Go back to Africa but visit a different country

69. Go to Mexico

70. Go to London

71. Fly business class on an international trip

72. Visit all 7 continents

73. Go to Volcano Bay in Universal, since we messed it up last time

74. Go to Amsterdam

75. Learn to snowboard better

76. Do yoga 3x a week

77. Join a book club

78. Watch 5 Oscar wining movies I’ve never seen

79. Watch a comedy show that TheP adores

80. Buy starbucks for the car behind me in drive through

81. Get my car detailed inside and out

82. Drive a car on the other side of the road (aka outside the USA)

83. Get highlights in my hair or a brazilian blowout

84. Pick up tennis again and do a spring clinic with Adude

85. Listen to more new artists – One a month

86. Organize and create digital images of all my important papers

87. Make a will

88. Back up, organize and declutter all my photos

89. DIY something for the house

90. Buy one piece of original artwork on canvas

91. Throw Adude a double digit birthday party

92. Purge my closet once a year

93. Start a daily skin care routine

94. Take a photography class

94. Bake cookies from scratch with A dude

96. Volunteer in Adude’s classroom/ school

97.Volunteer and fundraise for an NGO

98. Make one photobook a year

99. Perform once a year

100. Share one ongoing project with people I know IRL

101. Tweak this list every 6 months

Do you make long term lists? What are yours?



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